Downsizing 1000 square feet is easier said than done.  So far it has had its ups.  Less to clean is always awesome.  Our kitchen is the same size, we didn’t lose cabinet space.  The closets and storage are actually better than we had before.  So what is the problem you ask?

Well, the problem is my love of collecting.  I am not a hoarder.  Whew!  I just have many small collections and less room to display them.  I don’t believe collections should be tucked away in a box somewhere or crammed into a dark closet.  They should be on display for others to see.  In our new place that’s exactly what I am missing.  Room to display my collections.

Right before I had Lil’ Buddy I traveled the states picking for treasures.  I had a space in a vintage shop and sold the treasures I scored.  I would hop in my suburban and set out on the open road.  Most of the time I planned every stop on my trip, shopping flea markets, garage sales, and antique malls.  Sometimes I would just play it by ear and just head out without any plans at all.  It was amazing!  I met people from all walks of life and saw things I didn’t think I would ever see.  I usually packed food and snacks, but sometimes I craved a hot meal after a day of loading up treasures, so my rule was to stop at a local Mom and Pop diner.  It was never a mistake!  The food was always delicious and my belly always left happy.  Soul food.

I always had an attraction to things of yesteryear.  I was always curious about where they came from, who had them, their story.  My first collection, outside of my childhood collection of cats, unicorns, and coca cola, was vintage lamps.  Especially lamps from the 1950’s.  I still have my first pair.


My other love is vintage western.  Wagon wheel furniture, western suits, chalk ware horses, paint by numbers.  Kitsch galore!  They tackier the better in my eyes, studs, fringe, and cowhide! I have made a home for all of that in our guest room/ craft space.  It’s a little tight, but I like to think it’s cozy.  ah hem.  I have given this room a name, but I will save that and the room for another post.  Here is a peak!

western room<

Since having Lil’ Buddy a lot of my collections have lost their meaning and importance.  It’s just stuff.  It might take a while, but it’s all replaceable.  Nothing can replace Lil’ Buddy.  Having him has made it so much easier to give them up, find them new homes.  Plus, as a family in a new home we have things we want to collect together.  Treasure hunting is fun, but even better when you do it with others.  At this moment Lil’ Buddy likes to collect sticks, rocks, moss, Cicada shells, lizards, frogs, flowers, and toads.  My Hubby likes to collect cactus and succulents.  We haven’t started a family collection yet.  I have a feeling it will be animals.  We all love them and we can’t wait to have a place for them.  There are fences to be built, coops, and a barn or two.  I can’t wait!