Lil’ Buddy Is Moving In

There is cause for celebration over here!  We have finished our first major project!  The floors are installed and Lil’ Buddy finally has a room.  Now the fun part begins, decorating!  I have a few small projects to make his room unique and I will share them in future post.

We are in love with the way the floors turned out.  My hubby is a perfectionist and every little flaw sticks out to him.  I have to remind him the floors are over 80 years old and character is ok.  With a toddler around , even more character will be added over time.  Character tells a story.

Lil’ Buddy loves his room, he was a big help moving his belongings in.  He played in it all day yesterday.  He loves the outdoors and with two walls of windows it is perfect for him.  He can see so much of our backyard.

We have been here for 3 months and it’s finally feeling like home.  There is so much to do still, but there is nothing better than the feeling of home.

What projects have you finished lately?  Even the smallest project feels like a huge accomplishment don’t you think?

Our First Project

wedding pic

As soon as we said our vows and sealed them with a kiss.  We tackled our first project together as a married couple, sawing a log!  It was an old German tradition my sister, Carrie, found.  If we were able to saw this log together then we could accomplish any project together from then on out.  Since my husband’s  family is of German descent on both sides, we only thought it was fit.  If we only knew then what we were going to accomplish in such a short time!