DIY Compost Bed

ImageBy next spring we plan on having a vegetable garden.  I am preparing for it now by starting two compost.  One of them is a store-bought enclosed barrel.  I use it mainly for our kitchen scraps.  It’s perfect because it keeps the furry critters out.  The other one I use for leaves and yard scraps.  When the food breaks down I transfer it to the leaf compost.  So far we have built up a nice supply, but we have a long way to go before we have enough for our garden.

I used what we had lying around the house to build the yard scrap compost since we didn’t have the budget for two store-bought ones.  The former owners left behind an old wrought iron bed frame.  We didn’t have a place for it inside, so I thought it would be a perfect candidate for a compost “bed”  I had seen the idea a million times.  My Mom was over one weekend and she helped me wrestle it out and assemble it.  We made a temporary wood frame for it until something more permanent can be made. My Mom is such a trooper and has always been a hard worker.  I’d like to think I took after her.   I think the bed  turned out great and works just as well!  What do you think?  Do you have any do it yourself compost bin ideas?

DIY Framed Chicken Wire Bulletin Board


I love do it yourself projects, especially when they are simple, and there is instant gratification of accomplishment.  This project is just that.

The former owners left a lot of stuff behind, so I happened to have all the materials.  Thank You!  Everything in this project is easy to come by.


You will need:


Wire Cutters

Frame (Thrift store, garage sale)

Chicken Wire (Farm Supply Store, or Big Box Home Improvement Store)

Galvanized Poultry Staples (Farm Supply or Big Box Home Improvement Store)

Safety Goggles

You can also use a staple gun in place of the hammer and poultry staples.  I didn’t have access to one.  It is still packed up in a box.

First, remove the back of the frame.  You won’t need it.

Second, cut a piece of chicken wire to fit the inside of the frame.  I had a giant roll of chicken wire that was hard to handle, so I cut an oversized square.  Then cut it down to the right size.

Third, hammer the staples into place.  I hammered one side first then pulled it tight as I hammered the rest.

Fourth, attach some kind of bracket to hang the frame.  I just used what was already on the frame.  Two eye  and a rope.  Eventually I think I will replace it with a bracket that won’t be visible.

The best part, hang it up!  You can use clothes pins to attach pictures or objects to the wire.  I didn’t have any on hand, so I just stuck the corners into the wire.  Enjoy!