Waiting For Our First Harvest

We are waiting till next spring before we plant our garden. We have a lot to do to prepare, and I can hardly wait!

In the meantime I have been waiting patiently for our prickly pear cactus fruit, known as tunas, to ripen. I have been gathering recipes to experiment with these spiny fuchsia fruit. I found recipes for prickly pear margaritas, pie, lemonade, jam, and cupcakes. There is a danger of getting stabbed by their little spines, gloves must be worn when gathering them and removing their skins. I am hoping it is worth the risk! I have eaten the cactus pads, called Nopales, before. In Mexico the cactus is known as Nopalitos. One way of preparing the cactus pads is making them into a salsa. I have had it prepared this way and served over eggs. It was pretty tasty!

I hope to make a weekend out of experimenting in my kitchen, cooking, and taste testing. I will definitely be sharing the results! Have you ever tasted prickly pear fruit or used it in a recipe?


Today I was in our mud room and noticed a visitor in our backyard. A road runner, they are also known as Chaparral. He just jumped up on one of our metal chairs and hung out for a bit. I think he was trying to get a better view of his breakfast, lizards! He soon left and set out into the woods. He was beautiful. Little by little we are getting glimpses of the animals that live around here. They are always a sweet surprise.