One Man’s Junk…..


The day we came to look at our property one of the things that caught my eye was a huge metal heap partially hidden by some trees. As we got closer my eyes grew to the size of saucers. Right in front of me sat a huge piece of old farm equipment and a 1930’s logging truck. First thing I asked was if it all came with the property. I figured it did since trees are growing right up through it.



The W’s is what I’ll call the previous owners. Mr. W grew up in our house. He told us back in the 60’s his Uncle parked the old logging truck and what I learned was a combine in that very spot. Supposedly the combine is one of the first self-propelled PTO combines. Over time it was used as target practice and a garbage dumpster for cans, glass, and old tools.



Since I first laid eyes on what others might call junk my mind has been racing with all the different things we can use that heap of metal for. Before I got ahead of myself I checked with an agriculture museum to see if the combine had any historical significance. It has been a couple of weeks since I talked to them, and after two phone calls and an email of pictures and a full description. I think it’s safe to say they think it’s a pile of junk too. Now I can set my imagination free!



Before I get out my tools and start dismantling things there is one thing that is holding us back. The heat. I grew up in Texas, but like everywhere else the weather just isn’t what I grew up with. Don’t get me wrong this summer has been much less brutal than the past two. Two summers ago we had over ninety days straight of triple digit temperatures starting in May! This year it has been fairly good the triple digit temperatures started at the end of July. Most of all, we need the rain.  Even our native plants aren’t doing well. Critters are out in full force looking for water. We have set out a couple of troughs to help them out. The one critter I don’t want to mess with is the Copperhead snake, and that truck and combine is a snake condominium at the moment. With Lil’ Buddy always wanting to help, that is one risk I don’t want to make. When fall arrives the snakes usually mellow out and prepare for hibernation.



Hurry up and get here Fall! We have a roof to replace, a metal heap to dismantle, a garden to plan, dead trees to cut down, our list goes on and on. Until then we have many indoor projects to do, but that pile o’ junk is calling my name.



One thought on “One Man’s Junk…..

  1. We haven’t found anything half so exciting as this. YET. But we need to get into our woods this fall and winter and see if there may be. I will be excited to see what you do with your finds!

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