DIY Compost Bed

ImageBy next spring we plan on having a vegetable garden.  I am preparing for it now by starting two compost.  One of them is a store-bought enclosed barrel.  I use it mainly for our kitchen scraps.  It’s perfect because it keeps the furry critters out.  The other one I use for leaves and yard scraps.  When the food breaks down I transfer it to the leaf compost.  So far we have built up a nice supply, but we have a long way to go before we have enough for our garden.

I used what we had lying around the house to build the yard scrap compost since we didn’t have the budget for two store-bought ones.  The former owners left behind an old wrought iron bed frame.  We didn’t have a place for it inside, so I thought it would be a perfect candidate for a compost “bed”  I had seen the idea a million times.  My Mom was over one weekend and she helped me wrestle it out and assemble it.  We made a temporary wood frame for it until something more permanent can be made. My Mom is such a trooper and has always been a hard worker.  I’d like to think I took after her.   I think the bed  turned out great and works just as well!  What do you think?  Do you have any do it yourself compost bin ideas?


7 thoughts on “DIY Compost Bed

    • Thank you very much! I can’t believe the former owners left the bed behind. If they could only see it now. My compost is stinking beautifully. 😉

  1. I agree with the Novice Gardener above! It is the most beautiful compost bed!
    Hey thanks for visiting me, and for following. I too, am downsizing by 1000 sq. feet. Though we haven’t moved yet, it is hanging over my head as a major life change when we do! It will be fun to keep up with you as you go through your adjustments and to watch and see how you deal with it all. Thanks!

    • Thank You so much Lynda! So glad to have found you! That was my main purpose of starting my blog to find others going through similar situations and others who have been living it. You can learn so much from others experience and advice. I look forward to seeing how your story unfolds! Good luck with your move! Thank you for following me! 🙂

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